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Far Cry 5 / Re: Far Cry 5 Rants
« Last post by Rhett on Today at 11:13:12 AM »
I guess I got a few plays, they could sure make it easier to find games tho ...
Far Cry 5 / Re: Far Cry 5 Rants
« Last post by sir clivo on April 16, 2018, 04:47:26 AM »
farcry 5 screeny
Far Cry 5 / Re: Far Cry 5 Rants
« Last post by sir clivo on April 16, 2018, 04:08:41 AM »
if you have a private party you can start it with 2. not sure if you add AI in to the mix if the game will start. it does in solo and coop maps. my sniper map has had 26 downloads so far , so i assume people look for map types and then form there own party of 6v6 or 1v1 as you prefer.if you go in arcade and look at your published maps it should show your star rating and download amount.
Far Cry 5 / Re: Far Cry 5 Rants
« Last post by Rhett on April 15, 2018, 04:18:08 PM »
Ok, new rant, I made a no cross sniper Map, validated and published it, THEN, went to find it on the servers, finally did find it only to discover that in order to play it, you must have 6 players per side, no way to adjust the player count !! Really, what is the point in making maps and publish them if they are never going to get played ??? Arghhh.... UBiSucks strikes again !
Far Cry 5 / Re: Far Cry 5 Rants
« Last post by sir clivo on April 12, 2018, 12:20:08 AM »
YES THAT PARTS A PAIN BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO SHOOT ALL THE ai     you can run through and jump down the  hole and just kill the last few. once you kill the main man its the end of that . i am 65 this year and if i can do it i am sure a young whipper snapper like you can do it. lol. just published my first map sniper bridges , not my best but it takes a while to get in to it again. there is a lot more content in the map edd than farcry 2 had. hope to find a few good maps to play. you can set up a private 6v6 game it works well.
Far Cry 5 / Re: Far Cry 5 Rants
« Last post by Rhett on April 11, 2018, 05:37:10 PM »
I haven't made it that far, it sounds like one of those areas that are impossible, and then you go back a month later and breeze right through it :) 

I have noticed that at 65 years old, I can't stay up late and play as I used to, sleep to important to me, so I guess I will be a weekend warrior on the main game , I do mess with the editor for a bit each evening tho.
Far Cry 5 / Re: Far Cry 5 Rants
« Last post by ButtKoWitz on April 11, 2018, 09:10:08 AM »
About done with the game. If I have to do that fucking dream sequence, "cull the herd", one more time I'm going to scream. I find it so fucking annoying. On my third iteration of it (gets longer each new time you HAVE to do it) and I just quit. I can't stand it. Drives me nuts. I fucking hate timers.
Far Cry 5 / Default Key/Mouse commands
« Last post by ButtKoWitz on April 08, 2018, 03:05:53 PM »
Pretty sure these are the defaults...

Walk Forward -- W
Walk Back -- S
Strafe Left -- A
Strafe Right -- D
Spring/Hold Breath -- Shift
Jump -- Space
Crouch/Slide -- C
Interact -- E
Melee/Takedown/Move Body -- F
Repair Torch -- 9
Fishing Rod -- Y
Command Ally #1 -- G
Command Ally #2 -- H
Shoot -- Lmouse
Aim/Freelook -- Rmouse
Throw -- Middle Mouse
Throw Rock -- T
Cycle Throwable Up -- -
Cycle Throwable Down -- =
Weapon Wheel/Grid -- Q
Backpack -- Alt
Next/Previous Weapon -- Mouse Wheel
Last Weapon -- X
Melee Weapon -- 5
Weapon Slots -- 1-4
Throwable Slots -- 6-8
Change Ammo Type -- U
Change Fire Mode -- V
Hide/Show Weapon -- N
Binoculars -- Z
Reload/Cancel Attack/Melee Block -- R
Use Medkit -- Ctrl
Map -- M
Inventory -- I
Journal -- J
Voice Chat -- B

Land & Water Vehicles
Accelerate -- E
Brake -- S
Steer Left -- A
Steer Right -- D
Handbrake/Lean Out/Lean In -- Space
Autodrive -- Shift
Horn -- F
Change Seat -- C
Enter/Exit -- E
Radio On/Off -- [
Radio Next Song -- ]
Cycle Vehicle Weapons -- X

Pitch Back -- S
Pitch Forward -- W
Yaw/Roll Left -- A
Yaw/Roll Right -- D
Accelerate -- Space
Decelerate -- C
Enter/Exit -- E
Toggle Bomber View -- Shift
Machine Gun/Drop Bomb -- Lmouse
Rockets -- Rmouse
Cycle Weapons -- X

Accel/move/etc WSAD
Ascend -- Space
Desend -- C
Enter/Exit -- X
Shoot Machine Gun -- Lmouse
Rockets -- F
Cycle Weapons -- X
Far Cry 5 / Re: Far Cry 5 Rants
« Last post by sir clivo on April 08, 2018, 01:25:16 AM »
centre mouse is default to through. use q key and e key to cycle different item ie fishing rod & other items. you can also cycle throw able  items.  best way to get money kill animals and sell skins in shop. keep the dead meat looks like a finger. you can through these and animals will come. as for perks save them till you have enough to open second weapon slot. best guns (i think) you can get early ak as.also spass flame out shot gun. and the first of the saw type lmg. add scopes and extended ammo/.  the use of homeopathic drugs is good/ pick wild plants. and craft speed enhance also hunting, they last about 1 Minuit.there are lots of side missions and personal quests all give perk points.the fishing is great fun. enjoy
Far Cry 5 / Tutorial
« Last post by ButtKoWitz on April 07, 2018, 04:33:07 PM »
The tutorial is a bunch of pre-alpha notes to read on how to play the game? There's almost NO tutorial? Occasionally something pops up on screen with a tip on how things work.

For example:
After the initial sequence of mostly movies and You Can Move Your Head, a little, But Can't PLAY Yet you end up following your companions into a village towards a church (100% follow the pre-scripted routine). About half way into walking to the chuch, the game decides it's time to tutor you, and pops up, "Press W to walk forward". Mmm hmm, no shit!? Like I have been already for 30+ seconds.

Or how about some basic guidance on using explosives, you know like how to throw a grenade, or bomb a shrine. I had to google "how to destroy shrine" when I found the first shrine because, yeah I'm stupid, I couldn't figure it out.

Otherwise I'm liking the game thus far.
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